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    A box to put illustrations and such in.

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      I get authenticated with a different Twitter account.
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      I'm hard pressed to upload this picture as is!!!!
      With POIPIKU, you can easily post on Twitter.
      With a wide variety of categories to excuse you, feel free to submit any illustration!
      Clearly manage illustrations without disturbing the media section of Twitter.
      A detailed submission system that allows you to choose the type of work you want to submit.
      Over 700 emoji to express your feelings anonymously.
      Various public settings that you want to show, but don't want to show!
      200 pictures at a time in beautiful quality, multiple posts at a time!
      The connection information is completely private.
      Reprint/Repost measures completed!
      Reprint prohibition dReprint prohibition display and right-click prohibition measures.isplay and right-click prohibition measures.
      Supports moving illustrations
      Full support for animated GIFs
      Regular tweets about POIPIKU's activities
      Twitter image list is not filled with regular tweets & old regular tweets automatically deleted once a week or at a specified time every day.
      Illustration SNS 16 years of luck
      Started a TEGAKI blog in 2007, and has been operating an illustration SNS for 16 years. Please use with confidence.
      OK, let's get started!