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    Logo usage guideline

    We have prepared a POIPIKU logo image (the "Logo") that can be used by POIPIKU users and those who introduce POIPIKU to others.

    You may use the information on your own blog or website as long as it does not violate any prohibited items.

    Logo images (PNG format)
    • You can resize the images as long as you do not change the aspect ratio.
    • Please download and use the image files.
      Use by specifying the URL to our site is prohibited.
    Prohibited matters
    All of the following uses of this logo are prohibited.
    1. Any changes to this logo. (Except for scaling that preserves the aspect ratio)
    2. Use this logo to create your own buttons, marks, logos, and icons.
    3. Use as part of another product name, service name, trademark, logo, or company name.
    4. Use of this logo in a manner that is untrue and evokes a relationship with POIPIKU.
    5. Use of this logo on any site or service that violates any law or regulation. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") reserves the right to revoke or change the license of this logo. In addition, in the event that the Company deems that the Logo is in violation of the above-mentioned prohibited items, the Company may request a third party to stop or change the use of the Logo. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to object to any unauthorized use or misuse of its trademark or any other violations.

    These guidelines may be updated without notice.