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    [R18+] Stricter R18 restrictions

    In addition to the existing R18 restriction, "R18+" has been added as an option for more rigorous age verification.

    R18+ indirectly verifies that the user is 18 years of age or older through credit card usage history. We have started with this checking method in the hope that we can achieve stricter zoning using the information we already have.

    We are currently considering other checking methods. We will add more as we find appropriate methods.

    Note that credit card usage history can be registered in “Gift to Other Users", "Joining POIPASS”, etc. Please note that even if you cancel your POIPASS subscription, your payment information will not be deleted, and as long as your card is still valid, you can use it to check R18+.

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    (1) 投稿ユーザーのXアカウントが鍵付きの場合は機能しません



    (2) フォロー状態がすぐに反映されないことがあります


    X (twitter) follower-only function resumed

    The X follower-only feature has been reopened on a trial basis.
    Basically, you can use the function as before, but there are some restrictions.

    (1) The function does not work when the X account of the submitting user is private.

    When a user's X account is private, it is no longer possible to acquire X followers. Therefore, all follower-only works, including past works, are no longer viewable by anyone.

    When posting follower-only works, we ask that you make your linked X account public.

    (2) Your follow status may not be reflected immediately

    Compared to the past, we are searching for followers under much stricter restrictions.
    Therefore, if access to follower-only works is busy, you may not get results in real time. If this happens, please try again in a few hours.