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    Sorry, I am American! My written works are in English. I cannot speak Japanese.


    🔞 腐ったアダルトコンテンツと妄想、BL、下品なジョーク。夢主(OC)の内容も好きです。夢絵にご期待ください。

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    POIPOI 33


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    Original character and a reader


    Naoko x ReaderWitnessing this, you decide to…

    - Go to the VIP room to ask your supervisor about it.
    - Sneak off and wander through the facility while no one is looking.
    - Don’t do anything.
    > Get the hell out of there

    Yeah, no. You weren’t about to deal with random kidnappings at your new job. Getting the hell out and reporting what you saw, no matter the danger, was the right thing to do and you knew it. Screw the NDA

    You grab your things and head for the front door, wondering if you should contact your family just in case you go missing—

    “Ow Watch where you’re going”

    You were so focused on getting out that you didn’t notice the woman coming through the front entrance. You were about to apologize until you noticed her attire was nearly identical to that of the criminals that came in.

    “Well Aren’t you going to say anything”

    Dyed blonde hair sticks out of her helmet and she wears a long cape. The most notable feature of this woman, however, is the leotard that clashes against the rest of those shady goons, allowing her tanned skin to be revealed. Perhaps she was a gyaru

    “Sorry,” you utter, “I didn’t see you there, I need to go. Excuse me”

    But as you try to make your way past, the woman ends up blocking the front entrance.

    “Didn’t see me Like, do you even know who you’re talking to”

    “It’s my first night here” You stammer, not wishing to be next on the kidnapping block.

    “Really now” She doesn’t budge. “Well, I’ll tell you then My name is Naoko, and I’m the new and improved leader of the Crusaders The last one before me chickened out and abandoned us” Naoko then removes her helmet, as if to show off.

    So she was the leader of all these criminals That explained why her gear was a bit different than the rest. Her face had quite a lot of makeup, confirming your initial gyaru assumption. Normally, too much makeup was unattractive, but it didn’t look bad on her if you were being honest. It was used in all the right places.

    “Miss Naoko, I’m sorry, but I have to go.” You try to excuse yourself again, hoping not to arouse any suspicion in her. “It’s an emergency” You lie.

    She doesn’t buy it.

    “You’re new here, huh Lemme guess, you saw my goons with the fresh meat for the quota”

    Crap, she was smarter than she let on

    “I know how this goes People see me and my men in this building and get scared off. It’s happened before, happens again” She begins to tower over you. “You’re really just gonna run off like a coward on your first night here Don’t make me laugh I could totally squash you like a grape”

    Naoko begins leaning in a bit further.

    “What’s the matter Scared”

    Well, to be frank right now…

    “Yes and no,” you answer.

    “Huh Why not” She growls. “You should be taking me seriously I’m the leader of the Crusaders I’m not bluffing”

    “It’s not that,” you reply. “I dunno, you’re just, very pretty for a criminal leader”

    … you’re not sure if you should have been so honest with her, but she’s stunned now. Maybe now you could try to leave Although it’d be pretty rude to do so at this point.

    Naoko begins giggling. “Well, I’m glad that someone here finally noticed how much effort I put into my appearance” She eases up. “Is there anything else Am I kind of intimidating, or am I cute”

    Huh Why was she suddenly so interested to hear these things

    ‘Finally noticed’… was she often relegated to the side Naoko certainly demanded respect from random strangers. Maybe if you keep getting in her good graces, she’d let you live and escape to your family

    “Threatening to crush me doesn’t sound all that terrible, you look pretty strong.” You’re just bluffing, that’s all. “I mean, you would have to keep in shape to push those other guys around, right”

    She looks really happy to hear this.

    “I don’t know why such a cute girl is wasting her time as a criminal leader, honestly. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else”

    “No way” Naoko’s mood swings and she pouts. “I have to do this I’m not going to be a disappointment like that loser before me I’m gonna stand above them all so no one will forget my name”

    Ah, so she has some kind of complex set in by the person before her. Poor girl.

    “Well, I won’t forget your name, that’s for sure.” You try to play it off. “For that matter, I don’t think you need to fill in someone’s shoes just to stand out and prove yourself. You’re probably fine the way you are deep down, aren’t you”

    She’s blushing madly. You could almost hear her heart pounding from the little distance she had.

    “You’re just saying that to flatter me, aren’t you” Naoko giggles.

    Well, it was partly true. “Not really, I’ve never really seen a woman like you in my life. You think you blend in with the crowd, but I think you’re good as you are”

    Naoko practically squeals with delight. “You’re embarrassing me” She covers her blushing cheeks. “You keep that up, and I’m going to fall in love with you, or like, kiss you, I don’t know” She then turns away from you. “This is like, bad. I can’t be feeling this way about a total newbie My loyalty was already set”

    Loyalty Did she like someone else

    “Oh no, I think my lashes need fixing I’ll be back” She then skips away from you, no doubt in a desire to recompose herself and reapply her makeup.

    What a strange woman. At least your path to the exit is no longer blocked, but…

    If you leave now, what good would it do This place might have ties that cover up secrets for all you knew, and your family could get targeted in the process, undoing all of your good intentions.

    That and Naoko… maybe she wasn’t a good person, but surely she could be swayed out of doing this. You couldn’t just leave her behind and forget about her after she so desperately desired praise and acknowledgment.

    Surely you could fix her, right Maybe she’s bad to the bone, but she could be bad and still learn some human decency. Besides, bad girls were pretty cute. Perhaps if you win her favor, at the very least, she’ll make sure her goons never try to snatch you up.

    You return to your post and put your things back, and Naoko returns. She seems surprised that you didn’t leave.

    “I thought you were like, scared and needed to run” It seems that even she fully expected you to play to her emotions.

    “I decided not,” you answer. “I don’t want to just leave you.”

    She looks overjoyed once more, a blushing mess. Naoko leaves you alone for the rest of the evening, but honestly, you want her to pester you more after that.

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